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Zabargad Island – Relaxing Blue Spotted Stingrays

Zabargad Island is a great place to dive and to watch blue spotted stingrays. Usually there are three or four blue spotted stingrays around.

Zabargad Island – Relaxing Blue Spotted Stingray’s

After fantastic dives at Daedalus reef and a long passage, the Golden Dolphin II reached the St. Johns area. One of the first stops – Zabargad Island – one of the most beautiful dive spots in the Red Sea. Quite far away from the coast and in the deep South of Egypt Zabargad Island is not reachable by daily boats and never crowded. On my three trips to Zabargad we never had another boat in the area. Therefore the underwater world is beautiful – a great coral reef, completely intact and full of life. (check my post Reefs of the Red Sea)

Story of the blue spotted stingray at Zabargad Island

It was not really a hard decision to choose a wide angle lens for the dive – unfortunately we had just the chance to dive one time at Zabargad Island. The dive was fantastic. I took a lot of pictures of the corals and the reef. A lot of blue spotted stingrays were sleeping nearly everywhere. After 45 minutes dive on the way back to the Golden Dolphin II, I found a small blue spotted stingray hiding in a small cave in the reef. The entry of the cave was quiet small, just enough space for my housing, however no chance to light the cave or the blue spotted stingray. Fortunately beside the „main“ entry the reef was eroded by water. So I could arrange my flash lights carefully, that I would not disturb the blue spotted stingray. It took some minutes and I got my shot. Pretty lucky, because the blue spotted stingray felt disturbed and moved quickly.

Camera: Canon Eos 500 D

Lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm 1:3,5-4,5 USM

Housing + external flash: Ikelite


Sven Gruse

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