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Boonsung Wreck Thailand – Fishsoup

It is some years ago, that I dived at Boonsung Wreck. The Boonsung Wreck is near Khao Lak and one of the bist dive sides there.

Fish soup – Boonsung Wreck – Khao Lak

The Boonsung Wreck sank 30 years ago. And during the Tsunami in 2004 it was smashed into two parts.

It takes about 40 minutes by boat to get there. The Boonsung Wreck is situated in a sandy area. Therefore the visibility (about 5-20metres) can be less than you are used to in the Andaman Sea.

Around the wreck you can find plenty of fishes: lion, scorpion, stone and schools of other fishes. However you should also have a look for small sea dwellers. You can find here ghostpipe fishes, small moray’s, nudi branches and a lot more.

The Boonsung Wreck is in a depth of about 14-20 metres. The best way to stay longer down there is to use Nitrox.

If you are really lucky, a whaleshark passes by the wreck.

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  1. […] WWe planned to dive the Boonsung wreck twice. You can find the wreck in a depth from 14-20 metres. Therefore we recommend diving with a Nitrox. Otherwise the second dive will get short. What we found at the Boonsung Wreck, was much more than we had expected. The wreck was full of life. Schools of fishes were everywhere, porcupine fishes in between. Morey eels hid in the wreck, lots of lionfishes and scorpion fishes were around. During a surface time two liveaboards arrived at the wreck. Nearly 40 divers jumped in. We were happy to stay outside, to have a lunch and to relax in the sun. SMB’s showed at the surface. The dingies collected the divers and the liveaboards left the Boonsung wreck. After a second and great dive we moved back to the Sea Dragon Dive Center. More Pictures of the Boonsung wreck here. […]

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